Quality Control Process

If you employ a translation and interpretation service to convert your material for different markets, then you need to be able to trust that their work is both accurately translated and correctly localized.

Our Process

  • We only provide translators who have native-level proficiency in the target language and are professionally trained
  • The interpreters assigned to work with you will always have an in-depth understanding of your and the other person’s background and culture, ensuring optimal interpretation
  • Only translators and interpreters with current knowledge and experience in your particular field, such as civil engineering, medicine or marketing, will be assigned to you
  • The translated documents are always edited by a second linguist. Our project managers also perform a quality check before translations are delivered to our clients
  • Every project we undertake for a client is subject to the quality standards as set out by the ASTM f43.05 for language service companies
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Photo of a man and other people in an officePhoto of a man and other people in an office
Allowing substandard translations and interpretation in your communication with clients and associates can have lasting detrimental effects on your relationships and the business’s image. The difficulty is that once your message is converted into another language, it can be difficult for you to know whether what is being said or written carries across your intended ideas and information. That is why we at Liaison Multilingual use a multi-layered quality assurance protocol to ensure that your connections to the rest of the world are built on impeccable communication.