We have exceptional interpretation services for over 26 years to individuals and groups in the private and public sectors.

Reliable Interpretation Services

​​​​​​​​​​Use professional, accurate, and reliable interpretation services that support you in taking your business international. Liaison Multilingual has been offering exceptional interpretation services for over 26 years to individuals and groups in the private, business, and government sectors. With us, you can be assured of smooth and precise communication across various industries and situations.

Professional Service

Our linguists are not only accomplished at translation and interpretation but have an in-depth understanding of industry components. Their attention to detail and understanding of context and different cultures is evident in their work. We use rigorous quality assurance methods to guarantee you the best possible interpretation services. We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and at the forefront of the interpretation field.
Woman taking notes in front of laptopWoman taking notes in front of laptop

On-site interpretation

This type of interpretation involves the interpreter being by your side during the dialogue. Interpreters are sent to hospitals, courts, meetings and other venues to be there with our clients. With onsite interpretation, your interpreter will be by your side every step of the way, interpreting your words or the words of the other party either consecutively or simultaneously.

Consecutive Interpretation

During a conversation between people speaking different languages or during a presentation, an interpreter will wait for a suitable pause, such as at the end of a paragraph, before interpreting the information for the other party.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Perhaps you’ve watched some of the interpreters at the UN in action. You’ll notice how they skilfully transform the dialogue into another language while the person is still talking. This is what we call simultaneous interpretation. Fortunately, we have experienced interpreters who are used to the pressures involved in this highly-skilled position.

Conference Interpretation

​​​​​​​Conference interpretation refers to interpreting at events such as employee meetings, annual meetings, conferences, and similar large gatherings where attendees do not speak the main language being used. Conference interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous. You may know this type of interpretation from movie scenes of the United Nations where interpreters will sit in booths and as soon as the delegate starts talking the interpreters will immediately begin with simultaneous interpretation. For conference interpretation, we bring in the all the equipment you would need such as booths, microphones, and headsets for all the delegates. This type of interpretation is often used for communication at conferences between representatives from multiple countries.
Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI), also known as telephone interpreting, is an ideal option for clients requiring a bit more flexibility. With OPI, you have instant access to highly skilled interpreters from anywhere, using a voice call. One example of when this can be very useful is while traveling. Perhaps you are abroad for work or a holiday, and you become lost or need something from the pharmacy in an area where no one speaks your language. In this instance, you could quickly phone one of our interpreters to assist you in getting some clarity and assistance from the people around you.

Video remote interpreting or VRI is the process of using a video call to connect with your interpreter. A web camera or videophone is used to connect the party who is having difficulty communicating in the same language with an interpreter. VRI is often used in emergency medical situations where it is essential that there is accurate communication between the injured or sick person and the doctor. In this case, it may take too long for an interpreter to arrive at the hospital so one can be accessed quickly via video telecommunication.

With VRI you get a slightly more accurate message than with OPI because facial expressions and body language give a clearer understanding of the meaning behind the words. Also, VRI is always chosen over OPI for sign language interpretation. We also have interpreters who are experienced in American Sign Language (ASL) for just such occasions, as well as on-site interpretation with deaf or hard-of-hearing clients.
Woman talking on a headsetWoman talking on a headset
People in office around a table with video conferencePeople in office around a table with video conference