We have over twenty years of experience assisting people and companies in the finance sector.

Translation, Interpretation, and Localization for the Finance Industry

Whether you are a public company looking to translate disclosure documents such as annual reports for your shareholders from English into Russian or English into Arabic, or a corporate finance executive requiring someone to interpret a negotiation from English into American Sign Language, we at Liaison Multilingual will ensure the right message is received.

We provide translation and interpretation for various types of financing institutions including accounting and auditing firms, asset management companies, tax consultant companies, credit providers, payroll companies, and human resource departments.
Professional Service
Since 1998, we have been providing language services such as translation and interpretation with accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. We take the time to understand your needs, your industry, and your target audience so that what we produce is exactly what you want.​​​​​
Photo of people taking notes on financial documentsPhoto of people taking notes on financial documents

Don’t let inferior translation and interpretation services affect your communication and reputation with clients and partners abroad.

Use a professional translation and interpretation service you can trust. With over 26 years of experience assisting people and companies in the finance sector, as well as adhering to stringent quality assurance methods, you can rely on us to get your message across accurately and professionally.

Not only will your translator or interpreter have a background in finance, but also an in-depth personal understanding of your target audience, thus ensuring optimize localization.

Projects that we have worked on in the past included, but are not limited to, translation of annual reports, financial disclosure documents, income statements, balance sheets, tax reports, prospectuses and insurance documents.