Let Liaison Multilingual handle all your translation needs​​​​​​​.

Professional Translation Services

To connect with companies and individuals around the world, you not only need to translate documents into various languages but ensure that your message is delivered clearly. Don’t let substandard cross-language communication affect your personal life or the development of your business. Let Liaison Multilingual handle all your translation needs, so you can feel confident that the exact tone and content of your words will be received.
Photo of man with laptop and overlay of the word hello in different languagesPhoto of man with laptop and overlay of the word hello in different languages

Ensure Quality Translation

Translating text from one language to another sounds simple, in fact, nowadays you can even get a computer to do it for you. However, making sure the true message gets across is not straightforward. For example, polysemy is just one barrier to clear communication across languages. Polysemy is the phenomenon of one word having several meanings, and if your translator isn’t deeply familiar with both languages, subtleties such as these can be missed.

Trust the Professionals

Our team of professional linguists has been hand-picked for their years of experience, and grasp of the complexities of over 100 languages and the locale where they are spoken.  With stringent quality assurance methods and as a member of the American Translators Association, Liaison Multilingual is at the forefront of the field.

There Has Never Been a Project We Couldn’t Handle

From legal agreements to government submission, financial documents to medical reports, we’ve got you covered. Whether you have a massive portfolio that needs to be converted or a simple personal project, we have the resources to ensure a quick turnaround at cost-effective rates, without compromising on quality.

Market Research Translation

One of our offerings that we are very enthusiastic about is survey translation and market research translation. We partner with various market research companies to take their work global, and gather and analyse data from diverse populations. As you might imagine, projects like these require highly reliable translation, but we have enjoyed the challenge and are pleased to say our customers are very satisfied. So far we have undertaken market research translation from English to Spanish, English to German, Mandarin to English, and Arabic to English, and the list keeps growing.

Accuracy and Reliability

Every piece of text you send us for translation will be handled expertly. Expect high-quality proofreading, discerning localization and an understanding of the content and tone of your work that is carried over into the new language.