Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting software for a foreign market.
There are many processes that happen behind the scenes during software localization, which an experienced translation service like Liaison Multilingual won’t overlook. Ideally the process happens concurrently with the development of the software as retrospective localization can be extremely complex.

The localization team applies their knowledge and experience to the process of creating target market relevant terminology glossaries, adapting the user interface for optimal intuitive interaction, resize forms and dialogues and ensure graphics and copy are culturally relevant and sensitive. Our localizations experts will also ensure development of software in a way that allows for accurate localization now, as well as in the future as the software grows. This is done in collaboration with your team through externalization of user-visible strings, not hard coding strings, and minimizing or eliminating use of concentrated strings.

Professional Software Localization Services

​​​​​​​For software development companies who want to share their offering with a global market, it is essential to ensure your software is accurately localized.

What is Software Localization?

Software localization is the process of adapting software for a foreign market. Language, technical, legal and cultural differences need to be addressed in this process so that your product is fully relatable and intuitive for the client.

How Does It Work?

When converting a product for a foreign audience, there are many factors to consider. The original product is kept intact while features such as language, measuring units, time and date formats, local laws and regulations, and currency conversions are adapted.
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Why Choose Liaison Multilingual for Your Software Localization?

Liaison Multilingual have many years of experience working alongside software development teams to localize their offerings for customers abroad. We offer a comprehensive service and will be with you through the development, testing and desktop publishing phases.

We understand how time-consuming and exceptionally intricate the process is, and always deliver the highest quality service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your work is carried across and that your target audience fully experiences your software as you originally intended.