We offer engineering translation, engineering interpretation, software translation, website translation, and quality control services.

Our team of highly professional and efficient linguists has specialized knowledge and experience across all fields of engineering.

The field of engineering is highly technical and specialized, requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding. Translating your information into another language runs the risk of losing crucial elements of concepts, but with Liaison Multilingual your engineering translation will be handled expertly.

We have been honing our skills in translating for the engineering industry for over twenty years. Just like you, we value precision, detail, and reliability as evident from our stringent quality assurance methods.​​​​​​​
Our Linguists
Our translators and interpreters have years of experience and proven reliability. They are generally accredited by translation industry associations and have up-to-date expertise in engineering translation, financial translation, legal translation, marketing translation, medical translation, and technical translation.
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Not only will we accurately translate for you, but ensure optimal localization too.

We offer expert translation and interpretation in all of the main fields of engineering including aeronautical, architectural, audio, automotive, biomedical, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer, design, electrical engineering, electronic, environmental, forensic, industrial, manufacturing, marine, mechanical, mining, nuclear, ocean, petroleum, software, sound, and structural engineering.

Whether you require translation of a user manual for elevators and radar detectors from English into Spanish or interpretation of a technical petrochemicals discussion from English to Chinese, you can be assured that Liaison Multilingual will get the correct message across. Trust us with your complex biomedical engineering interpretation, industrial engineering translation, or mechanical engineering localization. There has never been a project we couldn’t handle.